How to add more Speed Dials in Opera?

Opera – The all in one browser
I use Opera as I find it faster than other browsers and has everything I need all included. Torrent Client, IRC, Emai Client……….. and Speed Dial !

Opera Speed Dial
What is Speed Dial? Well, as soon as you open Opera you have a panel with 9 (3X3) miniature views of your favourite, most visited websites which you choose to have handy.

Standard 9 X 9 Opera Speed Dial
Opera Speed Dial

When 9’s not enough
I have become so used to just clicking open a tab, and clicking a speed-dial image, that I just can’t be bothered to use the usual favourites/bookmarks menu. So I thought, ok, everything has files that can be hacked. Checkout the Preferences Editor when you type “about:config” in the browser address bar !

Ok, I thought, where’s the file that lists all those Speed Dial windows?

Opera has to be closed before you edit any files
I closed Opera, opened the terminal and used nano text editor to open the aptly named “speeddial.ini”:

sudo nano .opera/speeddial.ini

It was there, but after reading this opera guide, I had to add the grid arguments at the bottom (to get 16 speed dials):


Saving edits with Nano
I saved this in nano by hitting Ctrl+X to exit, Y for yes to save, and Enter to leave nano and go back to the terminal.

I opened Opera, and het presto!! 16 Speed Dials instead of the default 9.
Opera with 16 Speed Dials

You can add as many as you want, just depends on the size of your screen. At the moment 16 is perfect for me.


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