Backtrack 3 (Slackware) and Staying

Whoppix, Whax and Backtrack
Well, as well as using Dreamlinux and a few other distros, one live cd/pen-drive I always carry around is Backtrack. I have always messed with networks as a little hobby ever since I started using Linux, especially after the advent of wireless. There are a load of distros that provided the tools to analyze network traffic, security etc.

Of my favourites were Whoppix/Whax, Grml (Debian), and then with the merger of Auditor and Whax – Backtrack.

Using Slackware
As a mainly Debian/Arch user, the appeal for me was that Backtrack was Slackware or Slax. There was a bit of a learning curve doing things the “Slackware Way” but it always felt robust and fast even running as a Live cd. I’m not a Kde fan so I always used the Fluxbox version.

Backtrack goes Ubuntu
Recently after hearing the news that Backtrack 4 will be Ubuntu based, I decided to install Backtrack 3 on my main laptop, as sadly, it will be my last download and first install of this remarkable distro. I’m not sure why they changed to Ubuntu, but to go from one of the fathers of Linux, skip Debian and go straight for a newbie derivative, especially a distro which suffers from a lot of breakage, is madness in my eyes.

Backtrack Forums
The Backtrack forums have always advocated learning, and doing things the hard way to find out the where, what, why and how of analysis, hacking and cracking. The Ubuntu forums have always been full of newbies looking for immediate point and click results with no intention of learning or giving back to the community. Well, this is a high percentage of Ubuntu users anyway. There are some knowledgeable guys there, but the “takers” far outweigh them.
Backtrack forums will now be flooded with this type of user, which will be a shame. Just wannabe crackers asking basic questions about how to point and click to crack wpa. I can see it now.

Forum Lurker
As a forum Admin myself, I always use Google then the forum search of any distro before posting, and as it happens, both have always served me well with Backtrack and Slackware. I signed up yesterday to ask “Why Ubuntu?”. Then I decided that it doesn’t matter, and the devs obviously have a good reason for their choice. I just hope it’s for the right reasons and not just publicity.

Sticking with Slackware
I have Backtrack 3 (Slackware 12 Upgrade) installed. I get all my updates from the Slackware repos, all the Backtrack-centric scripts do what I need them to do, and i’ll manually install any updates.
I’m not sure what the Backtrack masses feel about the swap, i for one won’t be using HackBuntu 4.


2 thoughts on “Backtrack 3 (Slackware) and Staying

  1. hoo-rah! i'm with u, really! i was doing a google search hoping someone had a little script that'd take BT3final and get it current with the slax/slackware repo's… sadly I have not found much. i think yr idea is an excellent idea, and wish someone would say… fork?? and continue with slackware. i really love/d it! so we could implement yr idea on a wide-scale = many hackers with backtrack tools on a slackware/slax based distro. i'd love to see it!!!

  2. I am actually working on the Fluxbox edition of Dreamlinux, and as a sideline will be looking at creating a backtrack-alike pentest release as well, mainly as a personal project. It will be built on top of Debian Squeeze and will most probably use the Xfce or Fluxbox desktops.

    If somebody does fork Bactrack and continue with Slackware, I will be the first to offer my time with Beta testing.


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