How to Install Backtrack 3

If you have been using the live version, such as I have, you may have decided that you would like to keep Backtrack 3 as a permanent install. Since Batrack 4 is now Ubuntu based, you may have decided that you would prefer to continue running the Slackware based BT3.

You will also have noticed that Backtrack 3 has no graphical installer included on the final iso.

1. Download the Backtrack 3 installer. As BT has now gone Ubuntu, I will be hosting a copy of the BT3 installer HERE on LxH.

2. If you haven’t created a partition for your newly installed BT3, do it now. I used Qtparted on the BT3 live cd, and chose a standard Ext3 partition.

3. Next I mounted that new destination partition (hda1) in the Backtrack /mount directory:

mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1

4. Next up I ran the installer (which was in the “root” directory), by opening Konqueror and double-clicking the installer.

This is what the installer looks like:
The Backtrack 3 Graphical Installer

So, I chose the /mnt/hda1 partition to install to, the REAL install, and didn’t choose Restore original Lilo to MBR. Basically as this laptop had Grub and a couple of other distros on it. I decided to give lilo a try, and then just add my other distros to Lilo (That will be another Howto).

5. That’s it, click INSTALL, go and make a coffee, and it should be done when you get back.
*Note* Most installers will appear to halt for a long time while transferring the /usr files (Unix System Resources), Dreamlinux does this as well. Don’t panic, just be patient, the /usr directory is like 90% of the distro so there is a lot of stuff to copy to the harddrive.

6. Reboot, and hey presto! You’ve got an installed version of Backtrack 3.


One thought on “How to Install Backtrack 3

  1. hi ur site contains use full materials but i need the backtrack installer software. how can u help me? if there is any means please let me know. i really need it.

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