Laptop to PC portable email on USB

Well, I was tired of going from different computers to laptops and having to try and find certain emails.

The problem being that I have been use Evolution on Gnome desktops from Ubuntu and Dreamlinux, and Thunderbird mail client on on others. Each time I downloaded my mail from certain accounts, it was stored on the harddrive of that particular laptop/pc. So when I used a different computer I didn’t have access to that email unless I physically logged in to my gmail account via Firefox.

So I decided that I would like to keep all my mail in one place and constantly keep them all updated at once.

Enter my USB pendrive (1Gb). Small but good enough for email storage.

I decided to make Evolution look for the directory called .evolution on my pendrive instead of the one in my Home directory.

It’s so simple, and a great way to always have your email in one place.

1. Format your pendrive to Ext3 and give it the label “mail”. I used Gparted.
2. Unplug and re-plugin your Pendrive. It will be mounted at /media/mail
3. Open your home directory, choose “view” and select “view hidden files”. A whole heap of files with a full-stop-period before their names will appear. The one we want is .evoluton.
4. Take complete ownership of your pendrive (change richs for your name):
sudo chown -R richs:richs /mnt/mail
5. Now copy the .evolution directory to your pendrive.
6. Next, right click on this directory in your pendrive and choose “Make Link”. A shortcut called “Link to .evolution” will be created, drag it over to your /Home directory.
7. Delete the original .evolution directory from your /Home directory and rename the link you just copied over from “Link to .evolution” to just “.evolution” (don’t forget the full-stop/period before it)
8. Now run:
sudo chown -R richs:richs /mnt/mail
9. All done! Evolution now looks on your pendrive for it’s files. Start Evolution and go fetch your mail.
10. Do the same on all your other distros that use Evolution mail. Now you have a completely portable email storage drive which can be used on any machine.

Whatsmore, for complete security, you can even right-click and encrypt the .evolution directory on your pendrive. Using your own gpg key you will be able to decrypt it from any machine.


One thought on “Laptop to PC portable email on USB

  1. I absolutely loved reading through this specific post. I'll be returning to look over even more intriguing ideas. Many thanks.

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