The New Xorg Way – Important Xorg Setup Information

What’s New?
Xorg has been updated

1. No /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to configure anymore, unless you revert to this way of configuring everything manually.
2. No Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to restart the desktop
3. No “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg”. It is now “X -configure” to configure a file, which you can use as with the Old Xorg Way.
4. All your hardware is now configured via Hal Hotplugging and Hal profiles.

Where do I find a Howto guide about this New Way?
This Debian Wiki page provides in-depth information about the New Xorg, as well as offering a Howto Guide on configuring your hardware.

I would also recommend reading the Archlinux Guide as well:

Thanks for reading, and if you have space in your sig, please link to this post, it will help a lot of users who are accustomed to the Old Xorg Way.



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