Chandler Project (Linux) PIM – Calendar, Email


Chandler Project PIM

Many moons ago, I set out on a quest to find a good calendar app for Linux. At the time, my choices were limited. At least for what I wanted / needed to accomplish. During my quest, I came upon a neat little app called Chandler. The screenshots caught my eye and I decided to download it and see if it lived up to expectations. The short answer is, YES! Since then, I’ve used this app on a daily basis. It helps keep all my crap organized, readable, and shareable. Chandler supports iCal, Lightning, Sunbird, Evolution, etc. Share your data via the Chandler Hub. It also works with Google.

Chandler does everything I need it to do, and more. Sure, there are probably better apps out now. But, I’ve used this one too long to switch. Not to mention, this one is Desktop independent. So, on Linux, it doesn’t matter if I’m running KDE, Gnome, Xfce, etc. It just works OOTB. On the rare chance it doesn’t work with your distro, the source is available for you to compile yourself. I know, who wants to compile stuff in this day and age of Linux? Well, a lot of us still do and for various reasons. It sounds difficult, but seriously, it’s like 3 commands.

So, what do I use Chandler for? Everything! I keep track of my various projects, my kids activities, upcoming appointments, tasks lists, etc. The list of things I use it for is almost endless as the features Chandler has. I consider it one of the most important tools on my system.

Some have complained about the size of Chandler (it packs a lot of features) and some have complained about Chandler being slow. It seems that some have problems when using Chandler with large amounts of data (i.e. business amounts). However, I’ve never experienced this issue. Although, I’ve only used Chandler for personal use. To me, I may have a ton of data in use. But, compared to a business, my data might be small. So, it may not be great for large scale business use, it does work great for personal use.

Check out the Chandler site for more details and screenshots at:


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