GNOME 3.0 In September 2010 – Cool but needs 3D graphics drivers

120px-Gnome-logo.svgNew Gnome – No Open Sourced drivers

The new Ubuntu release, Ubuntu Karmic Koala has seen reports of Nvidia graphics problems,

Nvidia has said they won’t open source their drivers. The “New” Xorg has been adding to the borkage on many a major distro. Other graphics cards such as Sis don’t even offer 3D acceleration, whatsmore, they need a sisfb workaround just to produce a usable desktop [[Howto] Ubuntu 9.10 Sis graphic card wrong colour depth problem]. So why would the next Gnome release require such graphics capabilities from a slowly worsening scenario?

In first tests by users at the Linux-Hardcore, it was revealed that Gnome-Shell, the currently available “will become Gnome 3.0” will not run on non-3D accelerated graphics cards such as Sis.

A quote from the Gnome blog:

“The GNOME release team has decided (and then announced) that GNOME 3.0 will come in September. GNOME 2.30 will still happen in March and will feature the GNOME 3.0 packages that are ready in time, while September will be the first full-blown release of this overhauled desktop environment. GNOME 2.30 is still being considered a stable desktop release.”

The official announcement HERE

Maybe Ati have some leverage with the Gnome 3.0 devs, because this new desktop will certainly go in their favour when Linux users need to choose a 3D accelerated graphics card with (up to now) increasingly improving graphics drivers.


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