RSS Feed Readers for Linux


RSS readers allow users to view information contained in rss feeds in a specific location in an intuitive way.

Straw is a desktop news aggregator for Gnome environment. A faster easier way to read RSS news feeds and blogs.

Bottom Feeder
BottomFeeder is a news aggregator client (RSS and Atom) written in VisualWorks Smalltalk. BottomFeeder runs on x86 Linux (also FreeBSD), PowerPC linux, Sparc Linux, Windows (98/ME/NT/2000/XP), Mac OS8/9, Mac OS X, AIX, SGI Irix, Compaq UNIX, HP-UX, and Solaris.

an abbreviation for Linux Feed Reader. It is a news aggregator for online news feeds. It supports a number of different feed formats including RSS/RDF, CDF, Atom, OCS, and OPML.

Syndigator is an RSS feed reader based on Gtk2 and is targeted primarily at those people using Linux (since this is the platform that the developers are using).

It’s a simple app. It has a page where you enter feeds, and a page where it displays the aggregated content.

Eclipse RSS Reader
The Eclipse RSS Reader allows the user to create RSS channels, connected to on-line RSS feeds, and view the items they contain in several workbench views. Each channel can be updated from its source at regular intervals.

K.R.S.S. is a Linux-based application that downloads Rich Site Summary feeds and displays them on your desktop, in HTML. It quickly downloads any number of pre-selected RSS feeds that you have chosen, and displays them when and how you want in a ticker-tape fashion.

Rol is a simple application for reading RSS or RDF feeds such as those produced by many news sites or weblogs. It is not intended to do anything more than display the headlines and allow you to choose which to read in your web browser.


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