Google’s New Music Search

google-logoGoogle has launched a new music search feature, which helps you search and discover millions of songs with a simple Google search. When you search for an artist, song, album or even a few lyrics, you’ll find links to their partner sites — putting you just one click away from listening to and purchasing the music you’re looking for.

To celebrate the launch, MySpace and Lala are hosting exclusive, never-before-heard tracks from a variety of artists — and they’re helping people to find those tracks through a simple Google search. So if you’re a Lady Gaga fan looking for a new remix, in love with the Arctic Monkeys and looking for something extra or hunting for a new acoustic track from YouTube sensation Zee Avi, just search for it. You’ll find links to these tracks right in your regular search results. And when you click the links, you’ll be able to hear the songs directly from MySpace and Lala.

Google knows how much you care about music, and they’re excited to partner with Lala and MySpace to help you discover more music from artists you love, using Google. To see the full list of tracks and read more, check out the blogposts on Lala and MySpace. We hope you enjoy the music.


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