Stunning Breakthrough in Wireless Reception Technology

Helios’ writing style makes this one of my favourite posts so far this year! Relating his friend’s “Skip “” Guenter’s” state of the art Wireless Booster. I have created many wireless “enhancers” over the years, from the wireless hackers’ favourite, the “Cantenna” to small USB dongle enhancers, but this one really is a gem.

Note the surgical precision by which Guenter cut and splayed the metal mesh to insert the highly developed usb wireless adaptor extension.

Yes, I know…it’s breath-taking. Drink in the precision of its placement. Understandably overwhelming, I know.

Besides the giant black zip ties don’t show up so well at night and nobody has a lens that’ll show the nail jammed between the sheet metal roof and the 2×4 beam it’s hanging from.

Well, you get the idea. A hacked together botch job described with an over-flamboyant artistic freedom which made this post hilarious to me.




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