[Howto] Faster internet with Google DNS

Yet another contribution from Google to help us get what we need over the internet…………… quickly!

Google launched it’s own DNS service, and seeing as their bots crawl practically everything on the net, you will find even new sites will be stored, listed and ready to go. Hopefully this service will be a lot faster than your usual ISP.

How to configure them:

Every distro has it’s own Network Config Manager Gui, and i’m not going to post screenshots of all of them for Kde, Gnome and Xfce4 etc. The basic theory is that you right-click your netork icon, and edit the IpV4 settings and choose DHCP (addresses only) and then add the two Google DNS server IP’s –,

Geek style
Open /etc/resolv.conf (I use Nano text editor)

sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

Then edit the dns servers to the Google ones.


Follow our guide on how to stop Network manager overwriting your settings:

Now either restart your network connection, or reboot completely and start surfing. You should see a faster domain name resolution.

It looks like OpenDNS has a new rival on the block!


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