Ready to run ChromeOS available – ChromiumOS Cherry

chromiumcherrySo, after all the hype about ChromeOS, we were all pretty narked when we found that Google had only released the source code, and we would have to manually compile the distro.

Fear not! Hexxeh to the rescue. Hexxeh decided that he would be the one to give ChromeOS to the masses via a ready made USB pendrive image that anybody can download, and boot directly into ChromeOS on any machine (which can boot from USB). There are instructions for: MacWindowsLinux

I first picked up on Hexxeh on Twitter and then followed the project to his blog which outlines plans and also offers various mirrors and a torrent to obtain the image. On his blog’s FAQ he says that he is “a student who occasionally pretends he’s a Web Developer/Programmer and works on various websites with people” and he started this project “Because I think Chromium OS is a cool idea, and I thought I’d fill a gap that hadn’t been filled”.

It’s great that somebody has taken the time to provide the masses with something which we first saw as a bit of a let-down after all the hype. Could this be the first ever ChromeOS derivative? I hope so, and this weekend I will be providing a full write up.

Go to his blogs to get the full details and also follow him on Twitter:

Hexxeh’s Blog:-

ChromiumOS Cherry: –

Hexxeh on Twitter:-


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