Conky with Scripts, Weather, Email and images

Conky by Proto from LxH

Well, I decided that finally I had enough freetime to start playing with Conky. I am ok editing conkyrc, adding different fonts and so forth but i’ve never used scripts or images.

Bruce and the Conky boys who run Conky Hardcore! regularly post their Conky configs on LxH so I decided to have a look for something challenging (for me) and found a Conky config by Proto.

Conky first run
First off I just copied his conkyrc and ran it. Not surprisingly I was faced with a terminal full of errors. Directories not found, image files not found, missing scripts etc. I also had to change references to my Wireless network connection and also add my email details.

Conky and extra directories
I realised that the entire Conky setup was split into 3 main directories inside the .Conky directory. Conky1, Conky2 and Conky3. Each of these directories had image, script and sh directories. I moved everything to its correct location and started to make a bit of progress.

Email config [Solved]
Even though Proto had provided me with an TotalEmails script, I kept getting a “No conkyEmail” error, and a quick Google search led me to Kaivalagi’s python script at Ubuntu Forums. I followed his instructions and added the Karmic Koala repo and installed his conkyEmail script.
However, now I had one email script in my home directory, and another in /usr/share/conkyemail/ I looked through the example that he provided, and looked through both scripts, but I thought, ok, this is beyond me. I’m off to LxH Conky Forum to see if the boys can help me on this one.

EDIT: I solved the email problem by also adding the same email details to my conkyrc as are in the totalemails script.

Harddrive Temperature
The next error I was getting was “sh: hddtemp: not found”, I knew about this from before and installed hddtemp with aptitude directly from then terminal.

Conky Sensors:
I solved this by installing lm-sensors.

Vertical and Horizontal Alignment
Finally, after removing the extra HDD and changing afew things, I only had to try to align everything. Basically, I have a laptop with a 1200X800 widescreen and also that removing some sections made things move up and down, leaving it looking a bit skewiff!


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