Stepping down as Dreamlinux Forums Owner/Admin

Well, you read it right. After two years of devoting a lot free time along with my fellow LxH Crew members to the support of an amazing distro, I have decided that work and family commitments have to come first and I have to reduce my time online.

It was a hard decision to make as being the founder of Dreamlinux forums has probably been one of my best experiences over the last two years. I made a lot of friends, got to work with some amazing developers and Linux users.

The Dreamlinux community has over 5000 members now, and is a quality community who are always willing to help and give 100% to their distro. A forum is nothing without quality members, no matter how many there are.

We tried to create a place where we personally would like to hang out. No oppressive moderators, no forum councils or 10 page Codes of Conduct, and no pedantic members constantly reporting posts, pointing out the rules, in their quest to become forum staff. A Linux, community should never end up that way.

I feel that we, the LxH Crew, did a great job in contributing to this still growing community, which I am proud to have been a part of. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and I will now dedicate my freetime to LxH which is, has been and always will be /home for me. You see? It’s quality, not quantity that counts. DLF and LxH both have those attributes.

I just want to say thank to the members who have created an amazing environment, my fellow LxH members who all contributed equally to the construction and running of the forum, and last but not least, the Dreamlinux devs for producing an amazing distro and entrusting us, the LxH Crew with the responsibility of supporting their distro.

I have handed over the forum to djsroknrol who will now be the new Administrator.



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