Preston Grall – Lame Author – Firefox 3.6


I was looking through some posts about Firefox 3.6 and laughed as I still see that misinformed writers (Preston Gralla) and blog comment posters still blame Linux Operating Systems for 3rd party application developer failings.

Their idea is:
A: If Firefox developers create a Windows .exe installer for Firefox, then Windows is great.
B: If Firefox developers create a Firefox zip file that has to be compiled for Linux, then Linux still isn’t ready for the masses.

Let’stry this way of thinking on Preston Grall and Joe Bloggs

Ok, I think the Captcha system I had to use to comment on the post by Preston Gralla was unintuitive and hard to see, therefore Preston Gralla’s articles aren’t quite ready for primetime website use.

How does that sound? It’s all Preston’s fault. After all, that Captcha has to be used to comment on Preston’s posts, so Preston is crap.
On another blog by Joe Bloggs, I could just post with an easy to read Captcha, therefore Joe Bloggs is far superior to Preston Grall, all because the 3rd party Captcha wasn’t a problem.

Getting sick of lame not-talent writers deliberately posting misleading titles for digg-hits and troll comments by using anti-linux phrasing.

What’s more, these kind of posts always get jumped on by Windows using retards and Linux zealots who give the rest of us a bad name.

Rant over.



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