Crunchbang goes Debian – Statler Alpha1

I have just installed Crunchbang 10 Statler which is the first of Crunchbang’s move to Debian, Squeeze to be precise.
Here is the release announcement:

The first alpha of CrunchBang 10 “Statler” is now available. Download it at your own risk!

If you do decide to give it a try, please do not forget to provide feedback. Your comments and suggestions are really important to the future development of the project, so please warm-up your digits and get ready to type-up your notes.

For anyone who might be interested, I have written up some release notes on the wiki. Apologies about the lack of details, but this is a new start to the project and I am not sure I could reasonably detail every change.

P.S. Please do not break the new download servers. Captain Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork & First Mate Piggy are all new to the job, so take it easy on them!

I have always liked Crunchbang, but even though I do have Ubuntu installed on two of my computers, I just couldn’t get into it. And in my quest for a Debian based Window Manager run desktop, myself and the guys at LxH built Tota Linux

I have always been a Fluxbox freak, and basically end up Fluxbox-izing everything. I am currently working on the Tota Fluxbox Edition as well as building a Fluxbox desktop for the upcoming Dreamlinux 4.0.

I PM’d omns and corenominal about creating a FluxBang Community Edition, but after installing the latest Debian based Crunchbang Alpha I just fell in love with what has been done with OpenBox.
Therefore I decided to abandon all hope of doing anything with Fluxbox that hasn’t already been done with OpenBox:

As soon as I had installed and had a good play with Crunchbang Statler I decided to write a Distro Test over at LxH, something that for a long time, no distro has given me any incentive to do:

So far so good, I am really enjoying the simplicity and speed. Whatsmore, as it is Debian and not Ubuntu, you also get a psychological impression of stability. I use Ubuntu and it’s good, but it always leaves you feeling scared that the next update or reboot will break something. Debian Squeeze did that to me a couple of times on Tota and also a Vanilla install but it was always due to third party apps or a small (fixable) bug.

Hopefully Crunchbang on Debian has started as it means to go on, because it is absolutely rockin’ at the moment.


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