Crunchbang 10 Statler Review

Download location:

|IT-0| Install/Live Test BOTH
Time to Boot/Install: 10 Minutes
The text based installer didn’t show up probably as I installed on a Sis based Laptop. I solved this by adding the vga=791 to the installer commandline:

|N-5| Network (router/modem/wireless)
Wifi: See Notes
Nic: Eth0 connected with Network Manager and DHCP with no problem at all
Modem: N/A
As of yet, the Alpha does not have wireless tools or Broadcom drivers/firmware installed, so I just manually installed them and fired up wirless without a problem.

|U-0| USB periferals NOT TESTED

|G-5| Graphics Card
Make and Model: Sis Graphics Card (No proprietary Linux Drivers/Firmware)
Always problems with this card on any Linux distro. The sisfb framebuffer has to be added to Grub:

|S-5| Speed+ DM
Desktop: OpenBox
Slow or Fast? Very fast !

|F-5| Forum Support


The Crunchbang forums and community in general are awesome. I mean really. The Crunchbang community is a mixed batch of experienced users and newbies all working together to make the best of their distro. User feedback and support is amazing, probably the best Linux distro forums I know (obviously I won’t comment on Dreamlinux Forums or LxH, bias etc Tongue ) Everybody gets involved with support, chat, scripts, apps. Whatsmore the head developer and forum Admin (corenominal) plays a very big part in the community, which is something that many other forums lack.

Points Guide
0. Didn’t Work
1. Unsatisfactory
2. Satisfactory
3. Good
4. Very Good
5. Excellent

General observations:
I spoke to omns and corenominal about putting together a FluxBang Fluxbox edition, but as soon as I installed the Crunchbang Debian OpenBox edition (I also have the Ubuntu version), I decided that there is nothing i can do with Fluxbox that would even come close to competing with (or offering anything new) to this already amazing distro.

This version has blown me away and rekindled my desire to distro-test and help support a distro. I tried OpenBox before, but as a Fluxbox fan, I always went back to Fluxbox (Dreamlinux and Tota). But Crunchbang has done something special with it, and I will be leaving it as it is.


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