How to BBC iPlayer from outside the UK

If you live outside the UK you will know about GeoBlocking where you will be denied access to certain data depending on your IP address. You can get around this by using FoxyProxy on Firefox with a UK proxy server IP.

1. Download and install FoxyProxy, and restart Firefox:

2. Open the FoxyProxy settings and configure a UK proxy:
Go to Tools > Addons > FoxyProxy > Preferences > Add New Proxy

3. Add the Required Data:
In the “General” Tab just add the name of your proxy. I put BBC iPlayer.
In the “Proxy Details” Tab put the IP address with the port address 80
Now Click “Ok” to Save.

4. Optionally you can set the proxy to Auto for the BBC iPlayer url:
Just add the url* to the Automatic Proxy field and click “Ok” to Save.

5. Activate the BBC iPlayer proxy:
On the bottom right of Firefox you will have a FoxyProxy button. Right-Click it and choose “BBC iPlayer” and make sure it is set as “enabled”.

6. Get yourself something nice to eat!
Click on BBC2 and get yourself something nice from one of Raymond Blanc’s marvelous cookery programmes [/sarcasm]

That’s it, you are good to go. Happy viewing!

At certain points, Proxy servers can get flooded and slow, or even not work at all. If this happens just go and get the IP of a new UK proxy from here:


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