Lightweight Hardware Information Gui


Everybody knows about “lshw” and getting hardware information via the Terminal, you can even pipe it to a text document or get specific hardware info:

sudo lshw > hardware.txt
sudo lshw -html > hardware-info.html
sudo lshw -short
sudo lshw -class memory

But, today I also found lshw-gtk gui to go with it. It’s amazing what you find when you dig through the repos, or go searching for something related.
Basically I am running Crunchbang 10 “Statler” and wanted to pipe my harwdare profile to a text file, only to find that lshw isn’t installed by default.
So I did a search for “lshw” and saw “lshw-gtk”, cool methinks, i’ll have a look at that, being as I love Gtk apps if a gui is necessary.

sudo aptitude install lshw lshw-gtk

And run it from the terminal with:
gksudo lshw-gtk

This is what I got:

Nice little app 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lightweight Hardware Information Gui

  1. Nice find, Rich.

    Installed it today in Lucid and it became available in the menu under System –> Preferences –> Hardware Lister.
    What surprised me is that it is started as a “normal” user, resulting in the message “Executing this program as a normal user will give incomplete and maybe erroneous information.”

    Fixed it by editing the menu and adding “gksu” in front of the command.
    Unfortunately I get an incomplete listing, but I'll look into that later.

  2. I installed it on Crunchbang, and as you see by the screenshot I get everything ok.

    PS: Added some other short commands, even though this post is about the gtk Gui.

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