Linux Hardcore Reshuffle

It’s been a busy week. The Linux Hardcore Forum has now been updated but is still a work in progress. What’s been happening?

LxH Frontpage
Instead of having Simple Portal as a front page to the forums, we now have a WordPress front page which allows for more customization and more control over front page content. I have imported all the posts and plugins from this (my personal) blog to have all the howto’s and other specific Linux news on the main LxH front page.

This Blog
The Linux Hardcore Blog will now contain my personal Linux experiences and basic ramblings, whereas all Linux news and howto guides will now be posted on the LxH front page. This keeps things a little more organized (Formal/Informal).

LxH Forum
The forum has a new theme which works well with the front page. I’ve had a few problems with css and html, but both themes only need a little tweaking now. After 4 years the forum is still going strong as an alternative hang out for a “hardcore” of friends from a mixture forums. Current statistics are 15754 Posts in 2207 Topics. We are still distro-testing, solving problems and writing howto guides for various distros, and new members arrive daily. Over the last 4 years I have constantly deleted inactive members as opposed to leaving them listed to make the forum look as if it has thousands of active members. So don’t let the 162 Members fool you, it’s quality over quantity. Whatsmore we are all active members on other forums, so you’ll see some familiar faces.

Planet LxH
A few of us have blogs and I wanted a place to keep them all together, and although I have seen Planet before, I never really played with it. This week I have been pulling my hair out trying to get the them to match with the Forum and Front Page themes, but my css/html skills leave a lot to be desired. At present it is the default Planet theme, but I will be having a fresh look at it this week. Hopefully we’ll get a few more subscriptions to liven it up a bit, but it’s a great script to provide a one-stop rss feed of all current blog posts.
If you have a Linux related blog, contact me on the forum and i’ll add it to our LxH Planet.

If you aren’t an LxH member yet, and you want a second /home to hang out, REGISTER on the forum. There is a lot of Linux discussion for both experts and new users. Sometimes it’s nice to away from the hustle-bustle of distro-specific forums and chat about other distros and applications. Many of us are dual/triple-booters anyway, so there’s always plenty of variety.


2 thoughts on “Linux Hardcore Reshuffle

  1. Just FYI, there is still domain with the old LXH favicon… 😯

    Nice work, LxH has a better look now as the blue one before.

    Finding my way on this blog.

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