Chrome + Html5 – Bye Bye Adobe Flash

Flash and Linux
Well, as a Linux user, I have always had problems with Flash on any browser, especially with Firefox as it has gone from a lightweight browser to a bloated behemoth.

After hearing about Html5 and it’s being a possible replacement for flash video, my heart leapt. I thought pleeease let this be true. I Googled Youtube + Html5 and came across this video and also the Youtube html5 Beta sign up page. I already have Chrome installed on my #!Crunchbang-driven laptop so no problem there.

Html5 in action

Flash still needed
Apparently, videos which contain ads will revert back to Flash, but this is most certainly a great step forward.

Adobe Vs Apple
I am aware of the Adobe Vs Apple conflict at the moment, and as a Linux user I am right behind Apple. All I know about from Adobe are Photoshop, Reader (pdf) and Flash, none of which either work or are needed on Linux. Gimp will do most of what the average user needs with images, we have Pdf readers, and hopefully Html5 will take over and push Flash out.

So, for the moment I am watching as many videos as possible on Youtube with Chrome and Html5.


2 thoughts on “Chrome + Html5 – Bye Bye Adobe Flash

  1. I am praying it does stomp on Flash, I have had years of problems with flash videos and games on various Linux distros, and it's about time Linux does a Mac and starts advising people to boycott Adobe Flash in favour of the alternative.

    Very please with the Chrome + Youtube Html5 beta testing.

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