Howto: Crunchbang Statler Xfce on EeePc

Got the full Crunchbang set

Well today I finally finished my complete collection of Crunchbang installs on all my computers. I had a bit of trouble with the first attempt of the USB install, but it was a Debian Installer formatting problem, not Crunchbang related. It also happened on one of my laptops where after formatting the partitions, the installer threw up a message about an unclean partition with a previous install. This was on a fresh partition.

How to install Crunchbang Statler on an EeePc
First you need to download you Crunchbang Statler of choice; OpenBox or Xfce, i486, i686, amd64bit.
See this post about which one to choose:
And the full list of downloads here:

I chose the i686 Xfce Edition for my Netbook as I already have the OpenBox Edition on two laptops, and as the the processor is an Intel, I chose the i686 version.

My EeePc Specs:
Asus EeepPC 900 HD
Intel Celeron 900 MHz Processor
1Gb Ram
Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics
Realtek Semiconductor RTL8187SE Wireless
160Gb HDD

USB Pendrive Preparation, and Transferring the Iso:
I asked for help on the Crunchbang Forums and omns gave me the link to this guide (which I followed to the letter):

Getting the EeePc ready:
I plugeed in my Pendrive fired up my EeePc and at boot hit F2 to get into the BIOS setup. My main task was to choose the USB as the main harddrive, then go to the boot order and select it as the first boot device before the harddrive. Hit F10 to save and exit and restart.

Lovely Jubbly! Got the Crunchbang install menu and chose Text Install and went through the motions which are pretty self-explanatory.

There was a very important note on the Crunchbang wiki about Cdrom drivers:

Using the USB stick to perform a HD install
If you are using your newly created CrunchBang USB stick to perform a hard disk installation, the install will prompt you to “Load CD-ROM drivers from removable media?” To workaround this, you should:
1. Select ”” when prompted to “Load CD-ROM drivers from removable media?”
2. Select ”” when prompted to “Manually select a CD-ROM module and device?”
3. Select “none” on the next screen.
4. Enter ”/dev/sdX” when prompted for “Device file for accessing the CD-ROM:“
❗ Replace /dev/sdX with the actual hard disk device learned from the command above.

The installation should now continue as normal.

I did as it said and chose “sda” which is the EeePc main harddrive and the setup continued.

Partitioning and Installing
I just went through the motions as with any other Debian install and the only problem I came up against was that something went wrong with the formatting of my chosen partition. I got an error saying that the partition was unclean, and that there were remnants of a previous install. I remember this happening on one of my laptops before, so I just chose to delete the partition, and then tell the Debian installer to automatically partition the free space. Worked like a charm. I got an Ext3 file system, which I always use on production systems, and a 2Gb Swap partition. I normally only choose 1Gb for Swap, but not really an issue on a 160Gb drive.

The install went perfectly, I shutdown, removed the USB pendrive, reset the boot order to main Harddrive, and fired up my spanking new Crunchbang EeePc.

Everything worked out of the box, including wireless. I still need to dig deeper and investigate further, but on first experiences it’s fast, light, and very well laid out for an EeePc desktop. I had Ubuntu UNR on it before, which had a custom menu that took up the entire screen and all the windows had the top bars removed (No minimize, close buttons) which made for a very bloated hard to manage desktop. Crunchbang on my EeePc looks and feels exactly like my other desktops, but a mini version. Currently very comfoirtably performing my daily tasks.

More to come once I have given everything a full work out for a week.


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