Mount a remote directory with sshfs

First install the Sshfs module:

sudo apt-get install sshfs

Now use modprobe command to load fuse

sudo modprobe fuse

Need to set up some permissions in to access the utilities.

sudo adduser richs fuse

sudo chown root:fuse /dev/fuse

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/fusermount

Note: you might get this error. “chmd: cannot access ‘/dev/fusermount’ : No such file or directory.” I fix it by doing

whereis fusermount

Which gives


sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/fusermount

Logout and Log back in again.

Create a Directory called remotedir in you Home Directory (don’t use sudo, it’s YOUR home directory).

mkdir ~/remotedir

Now use this command to mount it. it will prompt to save the server key and for your remote computer password.

sshfs richs@ :/media/storage ~/remotedir

Now you have full access to the remote directory as if it was physically on your local computer


2 thoughts on “Mount a remote directory with sshfs

  1. I am always extra carefull doing this sort of thing – so 'ill just ask.

    I can just mount my remote dir with sshfs …. (ubuntu jaunty) without installing, modprobing or any such stuff. Am I good, or is this maybe related to the following:

    I can't seam to unmount? fusermount -u gives me permission denied – even if I sudo.

    Thanks in advance

  2. sorry: I think the reason I couldn't unmount was becase I was standing in that directory (my pwd was the remotedir)… cheers – and thanks for this!

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