NimbleX – Kde4 and Koffice on a 400Mb iso

2010 Beta is out!


After a long wait a new NimbleX version is finally out. First of all keep in mind this is a Beta so many things will still have to be polished but nevertheless it has to be eventually released because your feedback is what will make it better.

Many things have changed hopefully for the better in the long run. First of all, after about 5 years, the ideea of keeping it limited to less than 200MB was dropped. There is a lot more in the distro right now so in the end it should make the user experience better.

Even though almost everything is new, we can still say the major changes include:

  • Kernel 2.6.33 with the latest squashfs and aufs2

As some of you notices NimbleX 2008 was quite stable but the aging kernel meant new hardware was unsupported. Now we should have a pretty good hardware support with good power management and some other interesting features most of which would just work out of the box behind the scenes.

  • XServer 1.7.5

Probably the most significant feature this new component brings for the end user is the possibility to run without a configuration file. In the previous version we used to generate the configuration file every boot but now the XServer does it automatically for us. Also I think it’s pretty significant that the new Intel chips which are found in most laptops should work well so 3D will be available on more machines than before. The new version of X starts faster than the previous one and brings several other advantages.

  • Many fresh libs where included

Besides the required dependencies, many other common libs where included because we all know one of the biggest problems when adding a new piece of software is satisfying dependencies. Users will have to worry about libs a little less now.

  • New applications

The bigger NimbleX 2010 now comes with OpenOffice insted of KOffice. A lot more of the KDE Games where added in this realease. Gimp, VirtualBox, Firefox, Transmission, GParted and others where updated to the latest versions.

  • New Desktop Environment

NimbleX was always based on KDE3 but that finally changed. KDE4 is now mature enough to provide an overall better user experience and it has a lot of nice features that will demonstrate it was time for a change. KDE4 is still far from being what it can be but i’m sure in time more good things will come.

On modern computers NimbleX 2010 Beta with the more demanding KDE4 will boot just as fast as before and for the older computers out there a much lighter Desktop Environment will be included in the final realease.

For final realease of NimbleX 2010 there are still many things to be done and those will most likely be posted on the forum where everybody could interract.

If you want to give it a spin get your copy from:

The screenshots of the NimbleX 2010 Beta can be found on the new website which is also Beta 🙂


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