Reset Vodafone Router Admin Password

If you live in Spain and use Vodafone as your host provider, you may have seen that they remotely change the “Admin” password which stops you getting access to extra features such as opening specific ports for servers.

The “vodafone” user only has a basic mix of user-end tools for the router.

So, how do you get access to the admin account again, with your own password so they can’t change it?

  1. Disconnect the telephone line
  2. Clear the cache, cookies and saved vodafone router password from your browser (otherwise it will just automatically log you in with the user  “vodafone” not “admin”
  3. Press the reset button for between 15-20 seconds and release.
  4. Switch the router off then on again.
  5. Connect to the router from IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc, using this IP address:
  6. Log in as admin with the password VF-EShg553 and change the passwords for: vodafone, admin and support.

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