How to fix Ubuntu 10.04 Panel Volume Control and other annoyances

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx on our main home computer (wife and kids use it), and Lucid Lynx s LTS which means it should (in theory) be updateable for a long period of time without those nasty 6-monthly dist-upgrade surprises.

Little annoyances
Apart from having window maximize/minimize/close buttons on the left, having to add user permissions for network/wireless/sound….. well, everything basically, I also found that there was no Volume control on the panel.

Here’s the fix:
sudo apt-get install indicator-sound

Now right click on your “envelope” on the panel and choose “Remove From Panel” (Don’t panic, we’ll get it back in a minute)

Next right click on your panel and choose “Add To Panel…

Now select the “Indicator Applet” (that ‘s the envelope you just removed). Now it will come back, but this time with a Volume Control applet by its side 🙂

Ubuntu seems to get more stupid every release. I chose this for the family computer as once Ubuntu is setup “properly”, it’s low maintenance and has practically everything out of the box. But they really should get back to basics and have the base fixed before adding all this extra fluff and prettiness.

Slow System
To speed up the system I went to “Startup Applications” and shut it all down apart from Network and Sound. Compiz also got switched off. Those effects were cool back in the days of Beryl, but they offer nothing other than a little Bling to show off to Windows/Mac using buddies. Otherwise, just a useless system hog.

Sound – Pulse Audio
I don’t like this Pulse audio much, and will probably return to Alsa, which in my opinion is a very good sound architecture. Why people keep reinventing the wheel i’ll never know.

Canonical/Ubuntu services – 2Gb Storage and Music Store
Nope. That’s it, just nope. My personal data on an Ubuntu server? nuh uh!. Using a credit card online to buy music with an Ubuntu service? nuh uh! X2. Call me paranoid, but i’d currently only risk my cash and privacy on Debian and FreeBSD. You’ve just got to trust the big boys who are security conscious.
I still don’t see Canonical or Ubuntu as competent enough to deal with serious issues such as encryption and security when they can’t even decide which side to put buttons on a GUI. Whatsmore, the community is usually ignored regarding these simple decisions, who would have the last word with security issues?

Anyhoo. System all setup, looks nice and pretty. Runs faster now I removed and shut down all the bloat as well.

Fingers crossed for when it’s time to update and upgrade ^^


5 thoughts on “How to fix Ubuntu 10.04 Panel Volume Control and other annoyances

  1. You say: [Now right click on your “envelope” on the panel and choose “Remove From Panel”]
    I want to add the missing volume control and you say I have to remove it from the panel!? How do I remove something what does not exist???
    The only thing I could remove was the panel itself (which made me loose all the my settings on this panel). Too bad!

  2. Thank YOU!
    Oh, and a helpful clue for the clue-less like me…it's the envelope icon.
    Thanks again.

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