Crunchbang Statler Alpha 2 Release – User input implimented

One of the things that drew me to Crunchbang was the fact that it has a pretty tight community as well as frequent participation by the head developer Phillip Newborough. Even his wife Becky is a regular participant. The new Crunchbang Statler Alpha2 is a testimony to team work.

Devs, Staff and Users working together

Many distros suffer with a lack of communication between the community and developers, frequently resulting in bugs not being fixed, requests being ignored. Not so with Crunchbang. The Crunchbang community is included in decision making, bug crunching and feature suggestions, and although there is only one “official” developer, you actually get a sense of being a part of the team.

Check out the latest changes for Alpha2 on the Crunchbang wiki and then consult the forums, and you will noticed that practically all the changes originated from user/staff input:

International Languages and Keyboards

While testing the first Alpha on my laptop which has a Spanish keyboard, I had a few configuration problems, so I went through a bit of trial and error and posted my fix. The same day, more international users jumped on the thread and started adding a whole load of information regarding keyboard configuration and language support. I edited my original “basic” post, and added the other suggestions. That’s what the Crunchbang community is like:

Crunchbang is Debian minus the politics

My laptops have Broadcom wireless and I have two desktops with Atheros which used to require Madwifi drivers before the ath5k and ath9k were updated and now work. As such, I need non-free firmware from the get-go. This is also something I advocated on Dreamlinux when I was part of the team, and hence Dreamlinux also comes with all wireless out of the box.

One of my first posts on the Crunchbang forums was to ask about the inclusion of Madwifi, and if there was any political policy regarding  non-free firmware. Here was the reply which put Crunchbang on all my computers:

The latest release notes for the Alpha2 also include this line which cheered me up:

Additional firmware for improved support of Broadcom wireless network cards.

I’m not the only Broadcom user, and a few of us provided input to hep other users to get their cards working:

So all in all Crunchbang and its community are ticking along nicely, and I am pretty sure that Crucnhbang is certainly going to be one of the regular Top 10 distros on Distrowatch in the near future.

Posted by a very happy  Crunchbanger 😉


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