Having an online tidy up

Over the last year I have been passing projects over to friends and gradually reducing my online responsibilities. Work and family life have taken priority.

I have spent the day cancelling domains, cancelling the renewal of hosts, and advising users of site close-downs. The only host and domain i’m keeping is linux-hardcore.com which has always been /home for myself and a few close friends.

I’ve been slowly losing interest in the Linux community, and haven’t got the enthusiasm I used to have for setting up sites and trying new ideas. It’s been great fun over the last 5 years and i’ve made some good friends but as hard as I try to find something new or interesting, everything seems to have become “samey”.

So I am going to re-theme my blog and add little more “me” to it as well as Linux related material, and see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Having an online tidy up

  1. I know how you feel rich. “samey” is a good description. I'm in much the same situation myself. I had a crack at a new Openbox/Debian setup on the weekend after a month or so of just using Mint and it was just “blah”. I really not interested anymore. I'm happy to stick with my resolve of a month or so ago and just kick back and enjoy other aspects of my life.

    Beneficial by-products of this approach include an increase/improvement in work (my real work) productivity and personal relationships. I'd highly recommend sticking to this new path 🙂

  2. Not having so much pressure is nice. I can come online when I feel like it, or I can disappear for a month. It's kind of refreshing not having any obligations 🙂

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