LxH is closing down

Goodbye Linux-Hardcore

After a lot of thinking, humming and hahing (is that how you spell it?), I have decided to finally shutdown my linux-hardcore.com domain. I have spent the last few months handing other sites to friends who offered to take them over, and i’ve just shutdown the other sites which no longer served a purpose or weren’t getting any interest.

Samey Linux Community

There must be millions of Linux blogs and forums now, and whatsmore they all seem to have the same stuff. The newest theme for Ubuntu YAY! [/sarcasm], How to burn an iso [/yawn]….. but not much else. It just got so hard to find anything interesting, or to find a blog/forum with character or soul. Most forums now inflict so many rules that they just beat the members into submission, and blog after blog just repeat the news from everybody else, sometimes just blatantly copy ‘n’ pasting. I just lost interest completely.

Crunchbang Linux & Community

This is probably the only place you’ll find me posting occasionally as Crunchbang Statler is an awesome distro, and the community is great. Not too big, not too small but always interesting, helpful and fun.

Thanks to the LxH Crew

It’s been a great 5 (ish) years and we’ve seen a lot of changes in the Linux community as well as formed part of many changes ourselves. Linux projects need a good team, and I was lucky enough to be a part of something that kept me learning and meeting new people practically every day over 5 years.

Thanks go out to djsroknrol, resa, machiner, palemoon, ch@dfluegge who stuck it out through thick and thin both on LxH and Dreamlinux Forums, thanks guys, it’s been a pleasure.

Bit of LxH History 2006 – 2010

LxH  started out as a small community forum hosted at Forumer in 2006, then went to it’s own Godaddy server in 2007. A year later it was moved to ICDSoft where it remains until the end of September 2010. It has had 3 domain names, but has settled on the LxH name, even though home and work-based firewall filters sometimes block the site for having the word “Hardcore” in the title. (I should have thought that one through a little better).

Why Create Yet Another Linux Support Forum?

We are/were all members of larger Linux distro support forums, and noticed that as forums become bigger, the community becomes more impersonal. Larger communities need stricter moderation, more rules and therefore more control. A smaller community needs practically no (people) moderation, only (site) administration. As we aren’t the public image for a company, we don’t have to censor what people post, and therefore the discussions are more “real life”, and permit free speech to a certain extent.

Forum Software

The forum has almost exclusively been run on the SMF forum script, apart from a short-lived experiment with PhPBB in 2007. There have been various designs, layouts and ideas, but basically has now gone with the easier route of having WordPress as a Frontpage due to it’s flexibility and custom plugins.

I tried various SMF portals, Joomla, Drupal cms’s, but none seemed to provide what we were looking for.  I even looked at vBulletin as an option until I realized that using proprietary forum software would be pretty hypocritical for a Linux/Foss based forum. Planet was also recently added to keep everybody updated with LxH members’ and friends’ blogs.


LxH currently has over 16,000 Posts in over 2,000 Topics. The Member List is “spring cleaned” regularly and any zero posters, or members who haven’t logged in for a while get removed. Many forums leave all members intact to look “busy” or “popular”, I prefer to keep things clean. It’s quality, not quantity that counts. Whatsmore, LxH is /home for a few “hardcore” friends and was never meant to be the size of Ubuntu Forums for example. LxH Distro-Tests, Howto Guides and Articles regularly attracted over 200,000 hits per month.

Other LxH Founded Sites

We set up and manage: Dreamlinux Forums, Fossunet (Facebook for Foss/Linux users), Linux Gaming NewsConky Hardcore!, LxH Clan Wars (A Travian style MORPG).

Max has moved Linux Gaming News to wordpress.com while he decides what to do with it. Good luck Max! It’s an awesome site.

Conky Hardcore! was taken over by machiner and is already back on its feet again. That is going to be another great site for Conky fans. Thanks for taking it on machiner, i’m sure you will make it a success!

I have moved my blog here to wordpress.com as well, as my final server and domain is laid to rest.

So that’s it, the end of an era for me.


3 thoughts on “LxH is closing down

  1. Rich, I haven't been active on LxH for a while (not really since the divorce) but I'm sad to see you disappear. I have often popped onto the site as a 'guest' and looked around.

    enjoy your work and your family. All the best

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