Starting with Perl

I have started to use Perl regularly at work for network, server and telephony systems. Bearing in mind that before I got into Perl, my only other exposure to code was html/php/css for my websites and forums, configuring Conky and putting a few Bash scripts together.

Getting into Perl

Everybody learns differently, and I found it very difficult to grasp Perl just by reading books, man pages and websites. All of these will explain the history of Perl and give you links to everything it can do. This is all well and good until you need to do something specific.

Perl – Conky example

For me personally, to “get” something, I need to have an aim, and put it into action. It’s a bit like when you decide you want to display the weather on Conky with some fancy images, you Google “conky weather” and look for the code that will get the data, then show it at a certain position. You know what you want to do, then you look up how to achieve the goal. I went about learning Perl this way. Have a goal, and look for the way to do it.


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