How to post on from Vim with TwitVim

I recently discovered the TwitVim Twitter/ Vim plugin created by Po Shan Cheah, so I thought i’d share it with you all.

Prerequisites: Vim (obviously), Curl and the twitvim.vba

1. Download the latest twitVim plugin from here (Currently version 0.5.5):

2. Open Vim and issue these commands (version 0.5.5)

Open the vba file with Vim:

vim twitvim-0.5.5.vba

Now install the vba:

:source %

3. Configure your vimrc to use

vim .vimrc

And at the bottom add:

let twitvim_api_root = “”

let twitvim_cert_insecure = 1

let twitvim_login = “yourusername:yourpassword”
**NOTE** You may get an error for the url and the uname password lines, if so, just use a single quote mark [ ‘ ] instead of double quote marks [ ” ]
4. Send a test post:


Hit Enter (you’ll be prompted to enter a message), Type your message, and hit Enter again, that’s it. You have now sent your first message from Vim !! 😉

This is a basic install and post guide, but I recommend you read the documentation as TwitVim has a whole heap of features and options, especially regarding security and secure authentication.

AuthorPo Shan Cheah

Shared on by –  tante, Google Code

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