How to Gpg sign emails with Mutt

After having set up Mutt, I decided to try and find out where to add any pgp settings to use my gpg key signature on each email.

I Googled a bit and read various guides, and the quickest one I found was t copy a default gpg config file over and leave it as it is:

cp /usr/share/doc/mutt/examples/gpg.rc /home/rich/.mutt

Now, when I compose a new email, I hit “:wq” to write and quit, and now all I need to do is hit “p” and a new Pgp encryption menu appears with various options.

I choose “a” for “Sign As…”, then add the name of the Gpg key I wish to use. In this case it’s “rich scadding (richs-lxh). Then once I hit “y” send, I get asked for my Gpg password and everything is done.

So, to recap:
1. cp /usr/share/doc/mutt/examples/gpg.rc /home/rich/.mutt
2. Open Mutt and hit “m” to compose an email
3. Write and Quit
4. Hit “p” to sign the email
5. Choose option “a” for “Sign As….”
6. Add the name of the Gpg key you wish to sign with.
7. Hit “y” for Yes to send
8. Enter your Gpg password


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