Tribler decentralized P2P Torrent App on Debian Squeeze

Tribler means no more central servers or tracker downtime. You ARE the Network.

From: TorrentFreak

BitTorrent is a great technology to share files both quickly and efficiently, but like all other P2P-technologies it has an Achilles’ heel. The download process relies in part on central servers that can crash or go offline for a variety of reasons. To address this vulnerability the first truly decentralized BitTorrent/P2P client has been developed, meaning that no central trackers, or even BitTorrent search engines are required to download movies, software and music.

BitTorrent is branded as a peer-to-peer technology, but despite this label the downloading process still relies heavily on central servers. In the first place there are the BitTorrent search engines and indexes such as The Pirate Bay and isoHunt. These are needed to search for content and to grab the .torrent file one needs to download a file.

Tribler install on Debian Squeeze
I decided to give it a go on Debian Squeeze. Even though they say they are still working on the Linux version, there are some Ubuntu related .deb files available for download.

So I downloaded this file from

A “dpkg -i tribler_5.2.1-1ubuntu1_all.deb” threw up dependency errors, so i issued an “apt-get -f install” to install any dependencies.

Vlc and Python-vlc
Tribler relies on VLC media player to play music and video, and as such also needs the VLC python bindings.
Unfortunately an “apt-cache search” showed me that there is no python-vlc package in the Debian Squeeze repos, so I searched Google and found an Ubuntu version here:
I downloaded the latest i386 version (HERE) and installed it via dpkg and then reinstalled Tribler. Everything installed nicely and I now have it up and running on my Debian Squeeze laptop.

Screenie of Trible on Debian Squeeze with OpenBox desktop


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