Adding Windows guides to my Linux blog

I k now it may seem strange to to start seeing Windows based Howto guides on a predominantly Linux blog, but the truth is after so long without having to fix Windows machines I am gradually forgetting all the old tweaks and fixes that come part and parcel with running a slow, inconsistent, unreliable operating system 🙂

I work as a Debian server IT admin for a company with various international clients, and although we provide and maintain Debian based clusters and servers, we also occasionally offer general support for certain clients. It’s not the norm (thankfully), but we do also get requests to help out with Windows desktop and server problems.

Hence the reason I will be adding a few tweaks and guides to my blog for safe-keeping and quick reference.

Up until about 2000/2001 I had Windows (Xp) on my laptop and a few other machines, and I constantly strived for better performance and security. Talking of performance, I managed to get Xp to run quite well on an old Toshiba Satellite that came with Windows ME installed. It only had a 650hz processor and 64Mb RAM, and somebody made the mistake of commenting that it would be “impossible” to run Xp on that laptop. Well, it only stands to reason that I would eventually end-up running and working with Linux, as the tweaking/hacking bug took hold.

Funnily enough that little Toshiba Satellite survived 6 years of Linux Distro-Tests and finally met it’s demise in 2007 *lump in throat, tear in eye* It survived Mandrake, Suse, Debian and from 2004 (Hoary) to 2007 (Dapper) was running nicely on Ubuntu, although it had multiple partitions on its little 6Gb hard-drive for distro tests.

Before changing to Linux, I used to tweak the hell out of Windows and regularly had to reinstall or create partitioned test installs, and it’s amazing the little tricks you learn with scripts, apps, editing the registry and tweaking the Windows default services. I used to know most of them by heart, but unfortunately (?), over the years I have forgotten many of those little Gems and have decided I need to have a little storage area on my blog to provide support for the uncleaned masses who still use this poor excuse for an operating system.

Incidentally, I do have an Xp install at home that is only used as a gaming machine, it does NOT have an internet connection, and only serves one purpose 😉

So there you go, an explanation as to why Windows material will be cropping up on my Linux blog,


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