How to remove Captcha from Phpmotion v3

Video site for personal videos
I have been looking around for a Youtube style video script for a while, and after trying a few, including Joomla and WordPress with video plugins, I decided to give Phpmotion a go. The main reason is that I want a site that will just play local avi/divx/mpg/mp4 videos from a local /videos directory, NOT from Youtube and other “hosted” video sites.

Phpmotion has caused me no end of problems so far, but i’m intending to see it through, as it is quite a nice site once you hack it to get it working.

Squeeze and Php 5.3 –> Lenny 5.2 and Php 5.2
1. Doesn’t support Php 5.3 yet, which is a pain as we have just upgraded all our work and home servers to Debian Squeeze, so I had to install a Debian Lenny on our work Kvm machine. Also it doesn’t look like the Phpmotion developer is going to upgrade any time soon:

Captcha is borked
2. The Captcha on phpmotion is borked, and there are a lot of support requests on the forums regarding this problem:
Google: captcha+doesn’t+show
The solution offered by the devs is “Just downgrade to Php 5.2”.
It appears the best way is to just remove it. (Hence the title of this post)

X doesn’t exist on this server
3. As I type, there are still files and directories that are be reported as not found, when clearly they are there, and have the correct permissions.

a) I created a new test account, logged in (account exists), then went to my profile http://domain/phpmotion/members/test only to get a 404 error page:
Not Found
The requested URL /phpmotion/members/test was not found on this server.

b) As administrator, I tried to upload a test video, only to be told that /cgi-bin/ doesn’t exist, as you can see below it plainly does!.
test@lennyapache:/var/www/phpmotion/cgi-bin$ ls

c) There is more, profile directories that don’t exist, upload directories that don’t exist, phpmotion files that don’t exist etc etc. But anyway, i’ll keep hacking until I get some sort of functionality.

PS: If you want to have a Captcha-free Phpmotion, rename this “inner_signup_form.txt” to “inner_signup_form.htm” and upload it to your “phpmotion/themes/default/templates” directory 🙂


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