Solution Vncviewer -via ssh tunnel with Vinagre

Vncviewer remote desktop connection
At work if I have to connect to a client’s Windows machine, I used to go in with Vncviewer through a ssh tunnel with the –via option like this:

vncviewer -via clienthostorIP usercomputername:0

No Scaling with Vncviewer
The other day I cam up against a client with Windows 7 and an enormous screen and found I couldn’t scale it small enough to not have to scroll up and down, left and right every 5 minutes to click on the task bar etc.

My boss suggested Vinagre so I had a Google for vinagre+vnc+ssh+scaling and found it has scaling, and has recently added ssh tunneling as an extra option for the Vnc connection.

Well, no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to connect via vnc with the ssh tunnel option so I came up with a workaround. Just open a ssh tunnel first, and then connect with Vinagre.

Open two tabs or two screens in your Terminal
Tab/Screen 1: open a ssh connection from your clienthostIP to localhost:

ssh -C -L 5901:usercomputername:5900 clienthostorIP

Tab/Screen 2: Open vinagre against localhost:

vinagre localhost:1

Now you can connect to your client with Vinagre via a ssh tunnel and have access to scaling etc.


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