Howto install Creepy Social Stalker app on Crunchbang Linux

Get and install Creepy

1. Download the .deb file from here:

2. Use dpkg for first install run
Creepy needs a few dependencies, so first try and install with dpkg, and then move onto phase 2.

sudo dpkg -i creepy_0.1.92-1ubuntu1_all.deb

3. This will fail due to a lack of dependencies, so go get them:
Update apt first:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Now get your dependencies:

sudo apt-get -f install

4. Now we can install Creepy:

sudo dpkg -i creepy_0.1.92-1ubuntu1_all.deb

Now hit Alt+F2 and run “creepymap”.

You will first have to allow it to connect to your Twitter account, (Settings, Authorize Creepy) where you will be given a special key which you need to copy and paste. Once that’s done, you are ready to start stalking your contacts. Mwahahahaha!


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