How to BBC iPlayer outside UK with Chrome

BBC iPlayer Howto-s
The LxH Planet just caught a feed from Kevie on how to download and save TV shows from the BBC iPlayer and I recall an outdated Howto I did a while ago on getting past the BBC’s IP address filter that blocks non UK web surfers before.

On Google Chrome
So I decided to do a Google Chrome version of the older howto as I don’t use Firefox nowadays.

1. Got to the Google Web Store and install the Proxy Switchy plugin

2. Once installed, a Tab will open with Proxy Switchy setup. Add a new profile called “iPlayer”, and put the ip of a free UK proxy service and add port 80. ie. _ 80

Getting lucky with Proxy Servers
*NOTE* The BBC isn’t stupid and are well aware fo proxy/vpn services and servers who abuse them by providing non-Uk access to their media. Some proxys are slow, others will have already been blocked, so it’s usually a game of proxy roulette to get a good one. 🙂

Having said that, combined with Kevie’s Howto which only downloads the streamed data, speed is irrelevant, as once it’s finished downloading you can watch it then.

Google “Free+UK+Proxy+Server” and yo’ll gte loads to choose from such as:


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