Installing Status.Net ( on a Hosted Server and

I spend a lot of time chatting on and saw a lot of remote instances linking in. Many were from the domain where you can get your own microblog hosted by them. I tried this but kept going back to, then realised you can download and install your own instance.


There are many things I like to do, but installing stuff is what I have always liked about both Linux and Servers. Over the years I have installed and hosted practically every type of forum/blog/cms software. So methinks cool!, i’m gonna get me one of those! 🙂


I’d already installed and setup a instance on my home and work servers, so decided to install one at my LxH domain for myself and a few buddies. A bit of trial and error lead me to opt for a subDIRECTORY this time over a subDOMAIN. I think the best place for any site is at your host’s root or /var/www unless you are prepared to fiddle with htaccess files and other settings which may need to be redirected.

1. First I logged in to my hosting panel. My host is (but more about them later).

2. I decided to call my microblog “lxhica”, yeah, lxh + my favourite microblog site identI.CA 🙂

3. I created a subdirectory and database called lxhix¡ca, then I went to downloads and downloaded the package from here (currently version 0.9.7fix1):

4. Next I unpacked the tar.gz, connected to my host via ftp and uploaded the contents of the unpacked directory to my newly created /www/www/lxhica directory on my server, and I was ready to go to my browser and navigate to the address and begin the install.

A couple of things

1. Do the installation step-by-step and make sure you have the “fancy-urls” enabled at the beginning. If you don’t, and try to enable them afterwards, you are going to get get grief if you have already created accounts “before” they were enabled. With the fancy urls you get the and links instead of numbers.

2. Check to make sure your host has everything that needs to run properly. Mainly Php Pear Modules,  Crypt_RSA and bcmath or gmp. If you aren’t sure, ask your host’s support team.


I Would like to say thanks to the ICDsoft Sure Support team who are second to none in my opinion. And also JordanC at for the amazing assistance they gave me. You can see the support thread here:


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