Fix: gettext_domain not understood below schema

What does node not understood below mean?
A few people have posted on forums an mailing lists regarding this message, so I thought I’d post a quick fix/workaround.
PS: I had to mess around with that message as my blog wouldn’t post it, even with code tags.

You may install a package or do an update/upgrade from the terminal and see this come up:

Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils ...
Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme ...
Processing triggers for gconf2 ...
WARNING: node not understood below
WARNING: node not understood below
WARNING: node not understood below
WARNING: node not understood below
WARNING: node not understood below
WARNING: node not understood below
Processing triggers for man-db ...

This is due to the tag in /usr/share/gconf/schemas/ not being recognized.

You can do a simple grep to find out which schema is causing the problem with this command:

grep gettext /usr/share/gconf/schemas/*

In my case it was caused by the schema for gnome-keyring:

/usr/share/gconf/schemas/gnome-keyring.schemas: <gettext_domain>gnome-keyring</gettext_domain>

Where do all these .schemas come from?

I don’t use gnome-keyring, so I just removed it. But I was curious to see what was there so I cd’d into /usr/share/gconf/schemas to take a look, and in my case I see that practically all the schemas are Gnome related. I’m on Crunchbang Statler Openbox, but did install Gnome a while back to have a play wih a few apps.

This is what I saw:

ls -ln /usr/share/gconf/schemas/
apps_evolution_addressbook.schemas desktop_gnome_interface.schemas gedit.schemas
apps-evolution-attachment-reminder.schemas desktop_gnome_lockdown.schemas gedit-show-tabbar-plugin.schemas
apps_evolution_calendar.schemas desktop_gnome_peripherals_keyboard.schemas gksu.schemas
apps_evolution_email_custom_header.schemas desktop_gnome_peripherals_mouse.schemas gnome-audio-profiles.schemas
apps_evolution_eplugin_face.schemas desktop_gnome_sound.schemas gnome-sound-recorder.schemas
apps-evolution-external-editor.schemas desktop_gnome_thumbnail_cache.schemas gnome-terminal.schemas
apps-evolution-mail-notification.schemas desktop_gnome_thumbnailers.schemas gnome-volume-control.schemas
apps-evolution-mail-prompts-checkdefault.schemas desktop_gnome_typing_break.schemas gnumeric-dialogs.schemas
apps_evolution_shell.schemas desktop_gnome_url_handlers.schemas gnumeric-general.schemas
apps-evolution-template-placeholders.schemas epiphany-lockdown.schemas gnumeric-plugins.schemas
apps_xchat_url_handler.schemas epiphany.schemas gstreamer-0.10.schemas
bogo-junk-plugin.schemas evince.schemas gweather.schemas
desktop_default_applications.schemas evince-thumbnailer-comics.schemas metacity.schemas
desktop_gnome_accessibility_keyboard.schemas evince-thumbnailer-djvu.schemas nm-applet.schemas
desktop_gnome_accessibility_startup.schemas evince-thumbnailer-dvi.schemas notification-daemon.schemas
desktop_gnome_applications_at_mobility.schemas evince-thumbnailer-ps.schemas nst.schemas
desktop_gnome_applications_at_visual.schemas evince-thumbnailer.schemas rhythmbox.schemas
desktop_gnome_applications_browser.schemas evolution-mail.schemas system_dns_sd.schemas
desktop_gnome_applications_office.schemas evolution-webcal.schemas system_http_proxy.schemas
desktop_gnome_applications_terminal.schemas file-roller.schemas system_smb.schemas
desktop_gnome_applications_window_manager.schemas gcalctool.schemas vinagre.schemas
desktop_gnome_background.schemas gedit-drawspaces.schemas yelp.schemas
desktop_gnome_file_views.schemas gedit-file-browser.schemas

Solution Reinstall the offending package
I reinstalled gnome-keyring to take a look at its “.schema” only to find that the offending “gettext” tag no-longer exists. So it appears that it was a bug that has been reported and removed. So if you get this error, just reinstall the offending package and check the .schema, if it is still there, report it as a bug.

Now i’m off to remove all that nasty Gnome baggage 🙂


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