Microsoft Outlook inbox doesn’t refresh : Google it!

Yet another example of why Microsoft is losing to Google Docs and Open Office (Free Open Source).

Eurogaran Informatica
My company deals with Linux servers, we design and build high speed, secure networks and servers for corporations and large companies. This can be anything from mail/Web servers to RAIDed Mysql high-availability clusters.

Windows Desktop Support
We do however offer some desktop support to long-term clients. Windows desktop support! No complaint about the users, they do what they can, ad they aren’t Geeks, so we help out with everything that Microsoft can throw at us. Let’s get one thing straight. The fact that Microsoft has the gall to “sell” there products is beyond me, honestly, you wouldn’t believe the bugs we find on a daily basis.

Outlook inbox doesn’t Refresh
Microsoft Outlook is a Croc, no two ways about it, it’s an absolute pile of crap. End of. We get various support requests for everything from it just freezing up (Outlook 4Gb storage limit), to new emails not being visible in the inbox as Outlook doesn’t refresh. I mean this is schoolboy programming stuff, if Microsoft programmers can’t get a simple view-refresh right, what hope is there of them securing your server?

Google it!outlook+inbox+doesn’t+refresh
Yeah! hundreds of thousands of posts on support forums, mailing lists and no reply whatsoever from Microsoft. No Service Pack 173b, to fix the latest flood of bugs and security flaws. Nada.

However, I did find some real cute fixes, which just left me flabbergasted:

This is for a fresh installation of Office 2007

Close the outlook 2007 Application and open Word 2007 . You should get a Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program notification. Once you have done this , YOUR Outlook will work fine.


WTF!? Oh by the way, I bookmarked that one, as I bet it actually works too! 🙂

More solutions:

I am adamantly against being forced to participate in a program that sends
“any” information to “anyone” regardless of their “Privacy Statements” in
order to have their application function as expected!!!

This requirement is ludicrous and I will be happy to post this to every blog
and Microsoft Support site on the internet unless Microsoft ceases and
corrects this IMMEDIATELY!

Good grief!


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