So much editing after importing to Blogger

Well, one of the things I had installed on my wordpress blog was a script to add links from posts to specific pages. I have Perl, Howto, etc.

This was so that I could search all the Howto’s by going to my Howto link list page, and hitting Ctrl+F and doing a search from my browser.

This feature doesn’t exist on Blogger so I created the pages manually, then copy and pasted all the links from my WordPress blog. Obviously all those links lead to my old URL and it looks like the only way to edit them all is manually *sigh*

The next peeve is that ALL Blogger post urls contain the year and month in the title !! So I can’t just edit all the urls in a text editor with Find and Replace!


…… and I suppose you’ve seen how many post i’ve made!

Oh well, no time like the present.

Come on Google, give us an Archive Link Page script!


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