Howto install filesharing desktop app on Debian Squeeze or Crunchbang Free 10Gb Unlimited Bandwith Dropbox rival
I just recently heard about on Google + and thought that their claim of 10Gb FREE along with unlimited bandwidth was suspicious. My comment was “Wait until somebody uploads and publicly shares a Linux distro iso.

Then Phillip Newborough (Corenominal – Crunchbang Linux) said he had actually communicated with John Xie, one of the founders, aksing exactly the same thing. John said that the team are all Linux users and have no problem whatsoever with Linux users/developers sharing their isos via the service.

This-is-awesome! I am uploading all my Dropbox files as I type this. is going to be huge if they can maintain this type of service.

Ok, so I signed up and immediately started to look for Android and Debian desktop synchronization. I found only Ubuntu and Arch packages, and the screenshots clearly show a Gnome desktop, but I thought “what the hell” an downloaded the 64bit Ubuntu.deb package and threw caution to the wind.

Installation on Debian Squeeze 64bit with Openbox Desktop:

Download and install the .deb file from:


Install it:

sudo dpkg -i minus-desktop-tool_amd64.deb

I got told I needed the libqt4-gui, I am on a very basic Squeeze with Openbox, so I just installed it.

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of minus-desktop-tool:

 minus-desktop-tool depends on libqt4-gui; however:

  Package libqt4-gui is not installed.

dpkg: error processing minus-desktop-tool (–install):

 dependency problems – leaving unconfigured

Errors were encountered while processing:


Get the dependencies:
sudo apt-get -f install

All done!

Just to check, I ran minus in the run dialog box, and hey presto! all working schwimmingly 🙂


The config.ini file is in ~/.local/share/data/minusdesktop
Minus runs from /usr/bin/minus

And i also added minus to start at login with my Openbox

vim .config/openbox/

And add: 

# Autostart the Minus daemon

(sleep 30s && minus) &


4 thoughts on “Howto install filesharing desktop app on Debian Squeeze or Crunchbang

  1. Thanks, glad you like it. Yeah Gdebi is good like that, but as i've got a very light Debian Openbox install so I had to apt-get -f the rest.

    Very happy so far with the service. I think Corenominal is going to use it to host the Crunchbang isos as well.

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