Pacpl Music Converter/Ripper/Tagger on Debian

Rhythmbox and Windows Media Audio (wma)
I recently decided to clean up my music collection and found that some files were uneditable from Rhythmbox on Debian as they were old wma (windows media audio) files from back in the day which I had ripped from CD to a Windows computer. I would have ripped the CD again, but it is old and pretty scratched up.

Pacpl on Debian
I love Perl, and when I did an “apt-cache search” in the terminal for Audio Converters, I was over the moon to find Pacpl, a Perl based CLI audio converter/ripper/tagger script in the repos:


1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
2. sudo apt-get install pacpl

Usage Information:

man pacpl

Basic example:
I have a storage directory with a Music folder containing all my music. The Album in question was Gangsta Blues by Tanya Stephens, and I wanted to convert the entire album to Mp3 and remove the Wma files after.

pacpl –to mp3 -r -p /storage/Music/Tanya_Stephens/Gangsta_Blues/ –outdir /storage/Music/Tanya_Stephens/Gangsta_Blues/

Which gave this output:

Converting:  [01 Intro.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [02 Way Back.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [03 Boom Wuk.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [04 Damn.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [05 Good Ride.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [06 Little White Lie.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [07 It’s a Pity.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [08 Tek Him Back.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [09 I Am Woman.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [10 This Is Love.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [11 Gangsta Gal.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [12 What’s Your Story.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [13 Can’t Breathe.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [14 Sound of My Tears.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [15 The Other Cheek.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [16 What a Day.wma] -> [mp3] ..done.
Converting:  [17 We a Lead.wma] -> [mp3] ..done. 

Removing old files:

1. cd /storage/Music/Tanya_Stephens/Gangsta_Blues/
2. rm -r *.wma

Pacpl provides superfast conversion, as you’d expect from anything Perl, and has a whole heap of different audio related features. I highly recommend this script if you prefer CLI over GUI.


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