How to Scrobble to from Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox +
I gave up using a long time ago, and prefer to support and use The one thing I found was that on Debian’s version of Rhythmbox, there is no built-in Scrobbler plugin.

A bit of Googling and I came across Scrobblefree. A cool little Python plugin that does what it says on the box.

1. Download Scrobblefree here: (Currently version 0.4)


2. Extract it and enter the Scrobblefree directory (There is another Scrobblefree directory inside):

tar xvjf scrobblefree-0.4.tar.bz2
cd scrobblefree-0.4 

3. Place it in your Rhythmbox plugins directory which is in your .local dir (Hidden, see the dot in front)

mv scrobblefree /home/YOU/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/

4. Open Rhythmbox and activate the plugin by clicking on “edit” then “plugins” and scroll down to Scrobblefree.

5. Configure it by clicking “configure” and only add your name to the SECOND url: (The first url is for

6. Restart Rhythmbox and a popup box will ask for your login password. Type it in and you’re all set.

Happy Scrobbling !!!! 🙂

PS: I’m here:
PPS: If you ever see Justin Bieber on my recent tracks, a demon has compromised my system, and you must alert me 😀


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