Transparent Conky with Kde4

Conky and Kde4
I’ve had some spare time to play with my new Kde4 desktop, and decided to add a new Conky for something to do. One thing I noticed is that I only got a solid colour as the background, and not the wallpaper showing through.

Setting Wallpaper with Feh
I had a Google and found that I need to set the wallpaper with “feh” and add a line to the end of Conky so that the wallpaper in the background shows up.

First I installed “feh”:

sudo apt-get install feh

Then I opened my conkyrc for editing:

vim .conkyrc

And added this line to my current wallpaper at the end:

${texeci 1000 feh –bg-scale “/home/rich/Pictures/wallpapers/debian_black.jpg”}

Restart Conky and Voila
As soon as I saved and closed vim, Conky refreshed and my wallpaper was now visible as the Conky background.

Screenshot of Wallpaper and Conky:




4 thoughts on “Transparent Conky with Kde4

  1. i got conky to display transparent backgrounds without using feh in KDE4 (arch). i’ve got these lines in my conkyrc, and no problem with transparency. (not sure if all of these are needed for the purpose, but too lazy to try it out now):

    own_window yes
    own_window_type Conky
    own_window_hints below
    own_window_transparent yes
    own_window_argb_visual yes

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