Access Movistar Router via – Page Not Available

I recently changed to a (Spanish) Movistar Fiber Optic internet connection, and as you do, tried to connect the usual way to have a poke around in the router.

I immediately got webpage errors for on everything from my phone, tablet and laptop. Guessing it was a Chrome induced security issue, I decided to have a Google.

It turns out that Movistar routers still use an unsecure SSL v3 connection, and as such is blocked by decent browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, after the much publicized “Poodle Attack”.

There is a workaround however, and you can temporarily disable SSL v3 blocking thusly:

1. Open Firefox
2. Type “about:config” in the search bar
3. Accept the warning message
4. Search for security.tls.version.min and security.tls.version.fallback-limit
5. Set the first one to 0 and the second one to False

Now you can access your router. It is strongly advised to revert the settings back to 0 and True once you’ve finished meddling with your router configs.


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