Howto Quick n Easy Manual Wireless Wpa2 PSK

Manual Commandline Network setup:

So this guide is for those of you who only connect to the same router via Wpa2/Psk encrypted wireless. Although if you want to, you can scan and connect to any wireless connection manually using the wireless-tools suite of scripts.

Wireless setup via a Gui:

If you regularly roam and need to search for and connect to different wireless connections, i’d suggest you install wicd-gtk, it’s in most Linux distro repositories. There’s also network-manager-gnome which provides the nm-applet gui. I prefer the manual method as the gui apps tend to write over system config files. For example, nm-applet removes your dns configs in /etc/resolv.conf.

Wireless Firmware:

Ok, you need to have your wireless drivers installed and working. I’m using a Broadcom BCM4138, whose drivers are supplied via the “firmware-b43-installer” which fetches the firmware from openwrt.

More on B43 here

Next up you need to authenticate with Wpa using PSK TKIP, this is accomplished by installing wpasupplicant:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant

Now you need to edit a couple of files:

sudo vim /etc/network/interfaces

Supposing your wireless card is called wlan0, and you want a static IP address you add this:

auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static
wpa-ssid youressid
wpa-psk yourpassword

Just to make sure you can surf the net, check your dns config. I put my router IP and the Google Open DNS IP as well.

sudo vim /etc/resolv.conf

And add:


Now to connect, you only have to issue one command, then every time you login after that you will automatically be connected:

sudo ifup wlan0

That’s it, no need for Gui applications sucking resources and overwriting important files. Just a quick and easy auto-connected wireless every time you bootup.


Howto install Libre Office on Debian Squeeze / Crunchbang Statler


LibreOffice 3.4.2 Final is available at the end of July

You can download the 3.4.2 RC3 tar.gz from here, unpack and install the .debs manually if you prefer. (see comments)


Libre Office is currently only available in the wheezy ,sid and squeeze-backports repositories at the moment so I chose to install it from squeeze-backports.

1. You need to add backports to your sources.list:

sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list

And add this line:

deb squeeze-backports main

2. Update apt with:

sudo apt-get update

3. Then install Libre Office with:

apt-get -t squeeze-backports install libreoffice

E voilá !

How to add a Google Plus One button to your WordPress blog

Now that Google + has finally started to let us all in, more and more peple want the Google + button on their websites, so i thought i’d put up a quick n easy guide.

Basically you need to add this code to the header of your site. In wordpress it’s a separate file called “header.php” in your Theme directory. But most website headers have the same format.
**Add it just before the tag.**

Now once that is done, you can add the following code to anywhere you want the Google Plus button to appear:

On wordpress, I need it to appear at the bottom of each post with the other “share” buttons, so I had to edit the “single.php” file, and place it just after the post content:

That’s it, now you’ll see a Google Plus One button so you can show me some love on Google + 🙂

Microsoft Outlook inbox doesn’t refresh : Google it!

Yet another example of why Microsoft is losing to Google Docs and Open Office (Free Open Source).

Eurogaran Informatica
My company deals with Linux servers, we design and build high speed, secure networks and servers for corporations and large companies. This can be anything from mail/Web servers to RAIDed Mysql high-availability clusters.

Windows Desktop Support
We do however offer some desktop support to long-term clients. Windows desktop support! No complaint about the users, they do what they can, ad they aren’t Geeks, so we help out with everything that Microsoft can throw at us. Let’s get one thing straight. The fact that Microsoft has the gall to “sell” there products is beyond me, honestly, you wouldn’t believe the bugs we find on a daily basis.

Outlook inbox doesn’t Refresh
Microsoft Outlook is a Croc, no two ways about it, it’s an absolute pile of crap. End of. We get various support requests for everything from it just freezing up (Outlook 4Gb storage limit), to new emails not being visible in the inbox as Outlook doesn’t refresh. I mean this is schoolboy programming stuff, if Microsoft programmers can’t get a simple view-refresh right, what hope is there of them securing your server?

Google it!outlook+inbox+doesn’t+refresh
Yeah! hundreds of thousands of posts on support forums, mailing lists and no reply whatsoever from Microsoft. No Service Pack 173b, to fix the latest flood of bugs and security flaws. Nada.

However, I did find some real cute fixes, which just left me flabbergasted:

This is for a fresh installation of Office 2007

Close the outlook 2007 Application and open Word 2007 . You should get a Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program notification. Once you have done this , YOUR Outlook will work fine.


WTF!? Oh by the way, I bookmarked that one, as I bet it actually works too! 🙂

More solutions:

I am adamantly against being forced to participate in a program that sends
“any” information to “anyone” regardless of their “Privacy Statements” in
order to have their application function as expected!!!

This requirement is ludicrous and I will be happy to post this to every blog
and Microsoft Support site on the internet unless Microsoft ceases and
corrects this IMMEDIATELY!

Good grief!