How to BBC iPlayer from outside the UK

If you live outside the UK you will know about GeoBlocking where you will be denied access to certain data depending on your IP address. You can get around this by using FoxyProxy on Firefox with a UK proxy server IP.

1. Download and install FoxyProxy, and restart Firefox:

2. Open the FoxyProxy settings and configure a UK proxy:
Go to Tools > Addons > FoxyProxy > Preferences > Add New Proxy

3. Add the Required Data:
In the “General” Tab just add the name of your proxy. I put BBC iPlayer.
In the “Proxy Details” Tab put the IP address with the port address 80
Now Click “Ok” to Save.

4. Optionally you can set the proxy to Auto for the BBC iPlayer url:
Just add the url* to the Automatic Proxy field and click “Ok” to Save.

5. Activate the BBC iPlayer proxy:
On the bottom right of Firefox you will have a FoxyProxy button. Right-Click it and choose “BBC iPlayer” and make sure it is set as “enabled”.

6. Get yourself something nice to eat!
Click on BBC2 and get yourself something nice from one of Raymond Blanc’s marvelous cookery programmes [/sarcasm]

That’s it, you are good to go. Happy viewing!

At certain points, Proxy servers can get flooded and slow, or even not work at all. If this happens just go and get the IP of a new UK proxy from here:


#! Crunchbang Set the Time via Terminal CLI


Set the time manually via the terminal cli

When setting the time manually, the time string may be confusing. The command date –set … accepts the date and time in many formats. You can read the ShUtils info document, or use the example below to figure out one possible format. The date is given in ISO 8601 standard format YYYY-MM-DD for Year-Month-DayOfMonth, and time of day using 24 hour clock. Leading zeros are significant.

Set the date
sudo date --set 2010-01-28

Set the time
sudo date --set 21:08:00

Restart Tint2 to see the correct time:
sudo killall tint2
tint2 &

Conky Forecast on #! Crunchbang

Add Kaivalagi’s Lucid repo, and install ConkyForecast:
sudo wget -q -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/conkyhardcore-lucid.list

Get the repo Gpg key:
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Update APT and install conkeyforecast:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install conkyforecast

Copy the conkyforecast config to your home directory:
cp /usr/share/conkyforecast/conkyForecast.config ~/.conkyForecast.config

Edit it to add your XOAP key: (which you get from )
nano ~/.conkyForecast.config


Install Swiftfox on #! Crunchbang


If you want a bit of speed to your browsing now that Firefox has gone all bloated and slow, try Swiftfox.

Just download your desired version, I chose the i686 for my old AMD Mobile Sempron:

Now you need to get a dependency: (libxp6)
sudo apt-get install libxp6

Then install the Swiftfox .deb file: (mine was downloaded to my “downloads” directory)
cd downloads

Change the next command to suit your Swiftfox build:
sudo dpkg -i swiftfox_3.6.0-1_i686.deb

That’s it, you can now run Swiftfox with the command:

As it reads from the standard Mozilla directory, all your bookmarks etc for Iceweasel will also be available.

Crunchbang 10 Statler Review

Download location:

|IT-0| Install/Live Test BOTH
Time to Boot/Install: 10 Minutes
The text based installer didn’t show up probably as I installed on a Sis based Laptop. I solved this by adding the vga=791 to the installer commandline:

|N-5| Network (router/modem/wireless)
Wifi: See Notes
Nic: Eth0 connected with Network Manager and DHCP with no problem at all
Modem: N/A
As of yet, the Alpha does not have wireless tools or Broadcom drivers/firmware installed, so I just manually installed them and fired up wirless without a problem.

|U-0| USB periferals NOT TESTED

|G-5| Graphics Card
Make and Model: Sis Graphics Card (No proprietary Linux Drivers/Firmware)
Always problems with this card on any Linux distro. The sisfb framebuffer has to be added to Grub:

|S-5| Speed+ DM
Desktop: OpenBox
Slow or Fast? Very fast !

|F-5| Forum Support


The Crunchbang forums and community in general are awesome. I mean really. The Crunchbang community is a mixed batch of experienced users and newbies all working together to make the best of their distro. User feedback and support is amazing, probably the best Linux distro forums I know (obviously I won’t comment on Dreamlinux Forums or LxH, bias etc Tongue ) Everybody gets involved with support, chat, scripts, apps. Whatsmore the head developer and forum Admin (corenominal) plays a very big part in the community, which is something that many other forums lack.

Points Guide
0. Didn’t Work
1. Unsatisfactory
2. Satisfactory
3. Good
4. Very Good
5. Excellent

General observations:
I spoke to omns and corenominal about putting together a FluxBang Fluxbox edition, but as soon as I installed the Crunchbang Debian OpenBox edition (I also have the Ubuntu version), I decided that there is nothing i can do with Fluxbox that would even come close to competing with (or offering anything new) to this already amazing distro.

This version has blown me away and rekindled my desire to distro-test and help support a distro. I tried OpenBox before, but as a Fluxbox fan, I always went back to Fluxbox (Dreamlinux and Tota). But Crunchbang has done something special with it, and I will be leaving it as it is.

Crunchbang goes Debian – Statler Alpha1

I have just installed Crunchbang 10 Statler which is the first of Crunchbang’s move to Debian, Squeeze to be precise.
Here is the release announcement:

The first alpha of CrunchBang 10 “Statler” is now available. Download it at your own risk!

If you do decide to give it a try, please do not forget to provide feedback. Your comments and suggestions are really important to the future development of the project, so please warm-up your digits and get ready to type-up your notes.

For anyone who might be interested, I have written up some release notes on the wiki. Apologies about the lack of details, but this is a new start to the project and I am not sure I could reasonably detail every change.

P.S. Please do not break the new download servers. Captain Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork & First Mate Piggy are all new to the job, so take it easy on them!

I have always liked Crunchbang, but even though I do have Ubuntu installed on two of my computers, I just couldn’t get into it. And in my quest for a Debian based Window Manager run desktop, myself and the guys at LxH built Tota Linux

I have always been a Fluxbox freak, and basically end up Fluxbox-izing everything. I am currently working on the Tota Fluxbox Edition as well as building a Fluxbox desktop for the upcoming Dreamlinux 4.0.

I PM’d omns and corenominal about creating a FluxBang Community Edition, but after installing the latest Debian based Crunchbang Alpha I just fell in love with what has been done with OpenBox.
Therefore I decided to abandon all hope of doing anything with Fluxbox that hasn’t already been done with OpenBox:

As soon as I had installed and had a good play with Crunchbang Statler I decided to write a Distro Test over at LxH, something that for a long time, no distro has given me any incentive to do:

So far so good, I am really enjoying the simplicity and speed. Whatsmore, as it is Debian and not Ubuntu, you also get a psychological impression of stability. I use Ubuntu and it’s good, but it always leaves you feeling scared that the next update or reboot will break something. Debian Squeeze did that to me a couple of times on Tota and also a Vanilla install but it was always due to third party apps or a small (fixable) bug.

Hopefully Crunchbang on Debian has started as it means to go on, because it is absolutely rockin’ at the moment.

Just added Corenominal’s Twitterzoid script

Corenominal (Philip from #!Crunchbang) has written an awesome script for Twitter.

I created a page called Twitter, then edited the link to go to the /twitter directory where I uploaded his script.
Just edit “example.php” and call it “index.php” then edit it to add your Twitter details.

This is Philip’s example template, but i’m going to play with the css and see what I can do. I’m still not completely decided on my theme, but at least you can see how it looks/works.